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"What we pay attention to grows"

"What we pay attention to grows"

Learning to direct our attention & create a healthier relationship with time can make us stronger agents of change

Hey Changemakers!

I am so excited to be kicking off a new weekly podcast series here at Agents of Change.

In a follow-up from my post last week on addressing burnout and overwork, this first episode focuses around one single, powerful principle from writer, healer, and activist adrienne maree brown’s Emergent Strategy:

“What we pay attention to grows.”

How are we spending or directing our attention? How can we begin to interrupt our current pattern of attention and use of time? What are some ways we can pause and reflect on our own relationship with time?

This episode also includes some easy, practical strategies to unpack our relationship with time, and see how working through this can make us a stronger agent of change in our work. So listen, give them a try, and let us know how it goes (by sharing in the Comments below).

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I already have an amazing, dedicated group of changemakers who have begun to help support this Substack publication, and I want to be able to offer them more content, resources, and offerings in an expanded way. So I’m starting with this weekly podcast, and will add more creative ways to further support this group as we move forward.

For those who would love to support my work here and begin receiving additional content and resources (like this weekly podcast), I invite you to sign up to become a paid subscriber through Substack. And huge gratitude to you for being a part of making this change community possible!

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