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“Agents of Change” is a resource and guide for those of us stepping up to become changemakers in our own organizations and communities, and a way to bring people together around key issues, questions, and strategies to make meaningful change happen. 

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More about me

I am a consultant, educator, and author of Museums as Agents of Change: A Guide to Becoming a Changemaker (2021). After more than 20 years of work in education and museums, I bring my personal core values of deep listening, collective care, and collaboration into the work that I lead with museums, non-profits, schools, and communities.

I’ve been directly involved in changes big and small through a diverse range of institutions (museums, nonprofits, and more). I am committed to supporting others in their path toward taking action and making change possible. A better future is possible, and it’s up to us to make this happen!

As a consultant, I offer workshops, professional development, and coaching that is directly related to making change happen within organizations and communities. I have worked with dozens of museums and nonprofits across the United States and Europe, leading everyone from educators & curators to board members & volunteers through a process of embracing change, supporting institutional transformation, and taking action that matters.

Reach out to me directly via email at, and we can talk more about how I can support the change you want to see happen in your organization, your workplace, or even your own life.

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Mike Murawski

Consultant, change leader & author of "Museums as Agents of Change" (2021). Lives in Portland, Oregon.