Let's share a bit about our own personal learning & growth as we move into this new year

October 2022

Slow the F*ck DownListen now (15 min) | It's time to put these four words into action in a deep & meaningful way

September 2022

Fall Check-In: How Are You Feeling Right Now?Hey Changemakers! This week marks the beginning of fall (here in the Northern hemisphere). It’s a time of dramatic change in the natural world (…
Are you ready to amplify your role as an agent of change in your organization, your work, and your community?
Just a few updates to share as we head into the fall season, and a question about our futures

August 2022

Let's wrap up our summers with joy, and head into fall with the mindset to make change happen

July 2022

Open Thread: Are you feeling stuck right now?One of the things I am hearing from a lot of people right now is how they feel stuck when it comes to advancing change. So I’m wondering: What is…

June 2022

Are you ready to build your practice and skills as an agent of change?
When we work together, big things can happen

May 2022

There is a lot nature can teach us, if we're paying attention

April 2022

Join me! Nature As Self Care: A Restorative Hands On WorkshopListen now (9 min) | Hello Agents of Change Community! I am very excited to share something with you that I’ve been working on for a while! On Tuesday…

March 2022

Reflecting on being laid off & where I am now after two years